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Radio Stations in Singapore on FM, shortwave and DAB

Times are shown in UTC (GMT).
Local time in Singapore is UTC + 8 hours.

This list includes radio stations in Singapore, and the adjacent areas of Indonesia and Malaysia.

The main languages in Singapore are English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil.

Singapore radio operators

  • MediaCorp: Media Corporation of Singapore (MediaCorp / MCS)
  • SAFRA: Singapore Armed Forces Recreation Association
  • UnionWorks: a joint venture of NTUC Media (National Trades Union Congress) and SPH MediaWorks (Singapore Press Holdings)

Singapore: Radio stations by frequency

Frequency Country Language & Format Operator Station Name Notes
Mediumwave     (AM, frequencies in kHz)
1341v kHz Indonesia Indonesian RRI Radio Republik Indonesia, Tanjung Pinang (Bintan Island)
Shortwave (HF/SW, frequencies in kHz)
various SINGAPORE various VT Communications BBC World Service, etc. BBC World Service Relay Station, Kranji, operated by VT Communications. Also relays programmes of other international broadcasters including Deutsche Welle (Germany), NHK World (Radio Japan), Radio Australia, and Radio Canada International (RCI).
Transmitters: 5x250 kW, 4x100 kW
FM (VHF, frequencies in MHz)
87.6 MHz Indonesia Indonesian Seila FM (Seila 87.6 FM / Seila Radio)
87.8 MHz Malaysia Malay
AMP Radio Networks Sinar FM
88.0 MHz Indonesia Indonesian Radio Geliga (Gress Radio), Batam Island
88.3 MHz SINGAPORE Chinese SAFRA 883JiaFM (formerly Dongli 88.3FM)
88.9 MHz SINGAPORE English
News, current affairs
BBC Singapore BBC World Service 24h relay of BBC World Service English for Asia-Pacific stream from London, with local continuity announcements at times.
89.3 MHz SINGAPORE Chinese / English
Information & news
MediaCorp TVMobile Audio of TV Mobile (digital TV service for public transport and public places)
89.7 MHz SINGAPORE Malay
Contemporary hits
MediaCorp Ria 89.7FM
90.1 MHz Malaysia Malay Media Prima Hot FM (frequency formerly carried WAfm / WOW FM)
90.5 MHz SINGAPORE English
MediaCorp Gold 90.5FM
90.9 MHz Indonesia Indonesian
Radio Republik Indonesia (RRI Tanjung Pinang Pro-1), Bintan Island relay.
91.3 MHz SINGAPORE English,
UnionWorks Radio 91.3 Formerly 'Heart 91.3FM' and 'WKRZ 91.3FM'.
91.7 MHz Indonesia Indonesian
Islamic / Music
Radio Aljabar (formerly Wira FM), Nagoya, Batam Island
92.4 MHz SINGAPORE English
Classical music
MediaCorp Symphony 92.4FM
92.8 MHz Malaysia English / Malay Star RFM Sdn Bhd Red 104.9
93.3 MHz SINGAPORE Chinese
Adult contemporary
MediaCorp Y.E.S. 93.3FM
93.8 MHz SINGAPORE English
News & talk
MediaCorp 938LIVE (Formerly NewsRadio 93.8FM)
94.2 MHz SINGAPORE Malay
General service
MediaCorp Warna 94.2FM
94.6 MHz Malaysia English
Easy listening
AMP Radio Networks Lite FM
95.0 MHz SINGAPORE English
Adult contemporary
MediaCorp Class 95FM
95.4 MHz Malaysia Chinese AMP Radio Networks MY FM
95.8 MHz SINGAPORE Chinese
News & information
MediaCorp Capital 95.8FM (Chengshi Pindao) {城市频道}
96.3 MHz SINGAPORE French / German / Japanese MediaCorp XFM 96.3 Includes local programming in Japanese (Mon-Fri 2250-0100), Hindi (Daily 0900-1200) and Korean (Mon-Fri 1300-1500), and relays of Deutsche Welle in German (Mon-Fri 0200-0400) & Radio France Internationale in French (Mon-Fri 0600-0800). At other times carries light music interludes.
96.8 MHz SINGAPORE Tamil
General service
MediaCorp Oli 96.8FM
97.2 MHz SINGAPORE Chinese
Easy listening
MediaCorp Love 97.2FM (Zui'ai) {最爱}
97.6 MHz Malaysia English
Top 40
AMP Radio Networks Hitz.fm
98.0 MHz SINGAPORE English SAFRA Power98FM
98.4 MHz Malaysia Malay
AMP Radio Networks Xfresh FM
98.7 MHz SINGAPORE English
Contemporary hits
MediaCorp 987FM (formerly Perfect Ten 98.7FM)
99.1 MHz Malaysia English
Music & variety
AMP Radio Networks Mix FM
99.5 MHz SINGAPORE English
MediaCorp Lush 99.5FM Lush 99.5FM was launched 31 Dec 2004. Frequency was used by Passion 99.5FM (National Arts Council of Singapore) until Dec 2003.
99.9 MHz Malaysia Chinese Star RFM Sdn Bhd 998 / jiu-jiu-ba (formerly Redi FM)
100.3 MHz SINGAPORE Chinese UnionWorks Radio 100.3 Formerly Radio Heart 100.3FM and "UFM 100.3FM".
100.7 MHz Indonesia Indonesian PT Ramako Batam Batam FM, Tanjung Pinggir, Sekupang, Batam Island
101.1 MHz Malaysia Tamil
General service
Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) Minnal FM (formerly RTM Radio 6), Kuala Lumpur
101.4 MHz Malaysia Malay Rimakmur Sdn Bhd Suria FM
101.6 MHz Indonesia Indonesian / Tagalog PT Ramako Batam Zoo 101.6 FM ("The Amazing Zoo FM"), Tanjung Pinggir, Sekupang, Batam Island Transmitter power: 3.5kW (reportedly operating at 0.5kW), antenna height 65 m asl. Ex-101.5 MHz.
101.9 MHz Malaysia Malay
Johor regional service
Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) Johor FM (Radio Malaysia Johor / RMJ), Johore Bahru
102.3 MHz Indonesia Chinese / English / Indonesian / Tagalog 102.3 Kei FM (also carries Christian religious programming with ID Voice of Grace / Endian zhi Sheng {恩典之声}), Tiban 3, Batam Island
102.5 MHz Malaysia English / Malay Media Prima Fly FM
102.7 MHz Indonesia Indonesian
Radio Salam FM
102.9 MHz Malaysia English
General service
Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) TraXX FM (formerly RTM Radio 4), Kuala Lumpur
103.3 MHz Malaysia Malaysia
AMP Radio Networks XFresh FM Local relay for Johor Bahru city.
103.7 MHz Malaysia Tamil
Music, traffic info.
AMP Radio Networks THR FM (Time Highway Radio)
104.1 MHz Malaysia English / Malay Suara Johor Suara Johor Best 104, Johore Bahru
104.3 MHz Indonesia Indonesian
News,information, talk
Radio Discovery Minang (Radio Elshinta), Bintan Island Ex-90.9 MHz
104.5 MHz Malaysia Malay
Contemporary Malaysian music
AMP Radio Networks ERA
104.7 MHz Indonesia Indonesian Radio Batam Indah Gelora Suara (BIGSFM / BIGS FM), Batam Centre, Batam Island Ex-105.3 MHz
104.9 MHz Malaysia Chinese
General service
Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) Ai FM {爱FM} (formerly RTM Radio 5)
105.1 MHz Indonesia Chinese, English & Indonesian
Radio Go For All Nations (Radio G-FAN), Batam Island Carries programming from HCJB Asia-Pacific at times.
105.5 MHz Indonesia Chinese / English / Indonesian
Business, music
PT Radio Suara Marga Semesta Sing FM Ex-98.3 MHz
105.7 MHz Malaysia Malay
Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) Muzik FM (formerly RTM Radio Muzik)
106.0 MHz Indonesia Indonesian
Radio Hang FM, Batam Island
106.2 MHz Malaysia Malay
Institut Kefahaman Islam Malaysia (IKIM) IKIM.fm
106.5 MHz Indonesia Chinese / Indonesian
Music / Religious
Radio Era Baru FM ('Sound of Hope' / 'Xi Wang Zhi Sheng' {希望之声}), Batam Island
106.7 MHz Malaysia Malay
General service
Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) Klasik Nasional FM (formerly RTM Radio 1), Kuala Lumpur
107.0 MHz Indonesia English / Indonesian
Gema Bentara FM / Studio Elpizo Pte Ltd Hope 107 FM, Bukit Indah, Belakang Padang Island, off Batam. Ex-105.45 MHz. Address in Singapore:
798 Thompson Road
Tel: +65 6256 6107
Fax: +65 6256 0343
107.3 MHz Indonesia Indonesian Galaxy FM, Bintan Island (formerly Paradise Radio FM 107.3)
107.5 MHz Malaysia Malay
Johor Baharu local service
Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) FMJB 107.5 Johor Baharu
107.7 MHz Indonesia Indonesian Radio Alfa Omega, Batam Island ID as heard, spelling not yet confirmed.
107.9 MHz Indonesia Indonesian
Wiraga FM, Batam Island
Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB on VHF band III, frequencies in MHz)
DAB Block 7B (190.640 MHz) SINGAPORE MediaCorp Digital Radio
DAB Block 7C (192.352 MHz) SINGAPORE MediaCorp Digital Radio

Singapore Radio station addresses

Singapore map with transmitter locations

Media Development Authority of Singapore (regulatory body)

140 Hill Street
MITA Building #04-01
Tel: +65 6837 9973 Fax: +65 6336 8023

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

BBC Asia Bureau
100 Beach Road #12-11 Shaw Towers
Tel: +65 6295 7699 Fax: +65 6298 6671
BBC World Service in English is relayed in Singapore on FM 88.9 MHz as "BBC Singapore".

MediaCorp Radio

Caldecott Broadcast Centre
Andrew Road
Tel: +65 6251 8622 Fax: +65 6256 9533
Operates Class 95FM, Gold 90.5FM, XFM 96.3, Love 97.2FM, Lush 99.5FM, 938LIVE, Oli 96.8FM, 987FM, Ria 89.7FM, Symphony 92.4FM, TVMobile, Y.E.S. 93.3FM, Warna 94.2FM and additional channels on DAB only.

MediaCorp Technologies (Broadcasting infrastructure & transmission)

2 Stamford Road #67-00
Tel: +65 6339 4597 Fax: +65 6357 5489
Bukit Batok Transmitting Station (FM)
Tel: +65 6467 2894

VT Merlin Communications International Ltd

51 Turut Track
Tel: +65 6793 7511 Fax: +65 6793 7834
Operates the BBC Far Eastern Relay station at Kranji on shortwave

NTUC Media Co-Operative Ltd

510 Thomson Road #B1-02
SLF Building
Tel: +65 6353 6100 Fax: +65 6353 6819


Defence Technology Towers Tower B
#12-04 Depot Road
Tel: +65 6373 1924 Fax: +65 6278 3039


Bukit Merah Central
PO Box 1315
Operates 883JiaFM and Power98FM.

SPH MediaWorks

82 Genting Lane News Centre
Tel: +65 6319 7988 Fax: +65 6744 3318
Operates Radio 91.3 and Radio 100.3.
Transmitting station in distance behind buildings, Singapore

FM, TV and DAB transmitting station at Bukit Batok, Singapore

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